Initially we visit your property to provide initial guidance and to  understand your requirements. We discuss the project and offer our  preliminary thoughts at this stage. We are frequently able to propose  alternative solutions that you may not have considered. This stage is  free of charge.

Based on this meeting we will prepare a quotation  that outlines what works are required, and our fees for each stage of  the works. Our work can generally be split into the following  categories:

Design Proposals

A measured  survey is undertaken of your property. This includes floor plans,  elevations and sections through the dwelling. We also consider the  surroundings to the property, so that opportunities are taken and  constraints minimised. This is a very important part of the process.

We  will then prepare sketch designs based upon your requirements and our  subsequent discussions. We normally undertake three schemes, all meeting  your design criteria, and discuss them with you to create a final  design that will form the basis of the planning drawings. 

The  design stage is the most important stage. Our expertise helps you to  maximise the potential of your property and budget. It is far more cost  effective to manipulate the design at this stage, rather than when works  are on site.

Planning Permission and pre-application advice

Depending  on the nature of the design it may be beneficial to discuss the  proposal with the Local Authority. This provides an opportunity to  engage with the planning officer covering the area before applying for  planning permission.

After a sketch design is agreed, detailed  floor plans and elevations are prepared and we apply for Planning  Permission or a certificate of lawful development on your behalf. All  discussions with the Local Authority are undertaken by us. Your  neighbours are likely to be consulted. We recommend that you discuss  your proposals with them prior to the application being submitted.

Building Regulations

Following  grant of Planning Permission, Building Regulations drawings are  produced and submitted to the Local Authority for approval. We will  undertake all discussions, negotiations and form filling on your behalf.  A structural engineer will be required to design any alterations to  load bearing elements. We share our office with an experienced  structural engineer, this enables us to discuss the structural  implications of a design during all stages of a project. 

Contract administration

A  Specification of Works and working drawings are prepared for pricing by  local, reputable contractors. We tender to at least three building  firms and analyse the prices received. We make our recommendations to  you. Once a contractor is selected, a JCT Minor Works contract is  signed. We inspect the works on a regular basis and deal with any  variations and financial matters.

We can undertake as much or as  little of the above as required to suit your individual needs. Please  contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.