The permitted development rights were amended on the 1st October 2008  and the amount of allowable works to domestic properties has increased.  It is wise to apply to the Local Authority for a ‘Lawful Development  Certificate’ for the planned works. If the proposal is acceptable the  Local Authority will then issue a certificate for the proposed works.  This certificate is then kept on record and is vital when the house is  sold.  

The following works are often allowable:

  • Loft conversions
  • Single storey extensions
  • Two storey extensions
  • Insertion of solar panels
  • Detached outbuildings such as home office, garage, gym etc

Certain  criteria must be satisfied in order for the permitted development  rights to apply and each property is judged upon their own merits. We  have vast experience in this field and are up to date on the current  regulations. Please contact the office in order to discuss your  requirements.